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Global Innovation Science Handbook

Título: Global Innovation Science Handbook
Editora: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Ano: 2014

Capítulo: New Product Launch

Autor(es): Almeida, F., Monteiro, J. A., & Santos, J. D.
Nº de páginas: 21

Developed by the editors of the International Journal of Innovation Science and featuring contributions from more than 40 innovation experts and thought leaders, Global Innovation Science Handbook presents a proven approach for understanding and implementing innovation in any industry.
This pioneering work is based on a defined body of knowledge that includes intent, methodology, tools, and measurements. It challenges the popular paradigm that "learned" innovation is impossible, and lays out a systematic process for developing innovation skills. Each chapter can be independently read and utilized in the daily practice of innovation. Real world case studies from financial, governmental and educational sectors illustrate the concepts discussed in this definitive resource.

A participação neste livro centrou-se na escrita do capítulo 46 (New Product Lauch).

Resumo do capítulo:
The new product launch is a critical stage of any product development process; however, this process is highly risky because new products, either new to the market or the firm or both, are intrinsically associated with a high level of market uncertainty. Therefore, it is vital for a company to properly manage the new product launch process. This work analyzes the several components of the new product launch process in terms of portfolio management, financial impact of new products, and the role of IT technologies in the new product development phase. Additionally, we propose several practices and policies for a successful new product launch strategy.