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Diverse Methods in Customer Relationship Marketing and Management

Título: Diverse Methods in Customer Relationship Marketing and Management
Editora: IGI Global
Ano: 2018

Capítulo: The six dimensions on adoption of a CRM strategy

Autor(es): Santos, J. D., & Castelo, J. P.

Consumer interaction and engagement are vital components to help marketers maintain a lasting relationship with their customers. By developing positive relationships with consumers, businesses can better maintain their customers’ loyalty.

Diverse Methods in Customer Relationship Marketing and Management is a critical scholarly resource that examines how marketing has shifted to a relationship-oriented model. Due to this, there is an increased need for customer relationship marketing and management to emerge as an invaluable approach to strengthening companies and the customer experience. Featuring coverage on a wide range of topics such as relational marketing technology acceptance model, and consumer buying behavior, this book is a vital resource for marketing professionals, managers, retailers, advertising executives, academicians, and researchers seeking current research on the challenges and opportunities in customer relationship marketing and management.

A participação neste livro centrou-se na escrita do capítulo 2 (The six dimensions on adoption of a CRM strategy).

Resumo do capítulo:
This chapter covers aspects to be taken into account in the adoption of CRM-Customer Relationship Management in terms of a strategic perspective. It is based on an analysis of thirty-two models developed between 1999 and 2015. This analysis allowed the authors to detect elements internal to the organization that are arranged in six dimensions: CRM strategy formulation, relational marketing philosophy, the application of best practices, organizational and human resources, CRM processes, and CRM technology. It also presents a definition of CRM that encompasses these dimensions and takes into account the three functional areas of operation of CRM: marketing, sales, and service. Bearing in mind the definition and a perspective of connection dimensions developed along the characterization of each of the dimensions, the authors presented the conceptual model for the adoption of CRM.